Rocket Shop is a multidisciplinary engineering team from Iowa State University that works yearly to research, design, manufacture, test, and fly high-powered rockets. We are comprised of college students to further human advancement in space exploration. Our mission is to educate, challenge, and inspire the Iowa State students, community, and future generations about rocketry, science and engineering, and space exploration. Cyclone Rocketry, our competition team, follows a yearly design cycle and competes in International High Powered Rocketry competitions while working with industry leaders to extend the boundaries of amateur rocketry.

In addition to preparation for competitions, Rocket Shop encourages its members to pursue NAR and Tripoli High Powered Rocketry Certifications. Our members work on their own rockets, in compliance with either NAR or Tripoli standards, to fly and safely recover them to become certified high-powered fliers. This not only earns them the ability to purchase and handle certain high-powered rocket motors, but it is also an invaluable learning tool that can develop hands-on skills useful for building our competition rockets.

Rocket Shop is sponsored by Iowa State’s Engineering Student Council.

Join Rocket Shop

If rockets and hands-on projects are your passion, you’re competitive and eager to learn, and you’re ready to commit to a fast-paced and adventurous team; Rocket Shop has a home for you!

Please email us at mjensen3@iastate.edu for information on how to join the team!

After emailing your response you can also refer to the Spaceport America Cup Regulatory Guidelines to familiarize yourself with the competition we will be preparing for.

We look forward to hearing from you!