Summary of Progress



In an effort to continue growing and evolving our club, the executive board set several goals that would aid in the advancement of the organization.


  1. Revise election timeline to provide a more smooth transition from one executive board to the next. Previously, elections were held at the last General Meeting of the semester, leaving little time to property train and introduce new officers to their roles.
  2. Create an action plan for officer transitioning and training newly elected officers.
  3. Revise our constitution to reflect the current state of our club and to enable the club to continuing growing as an organization.


  1. After debating over whether a switch to a December-to-December calendar, or a switch to electing earlier in the spring semester (i.e. March or April) would be best for the club, the Club voted in favor of an earlier spring election. As a result, current officer terms were only about 11 months, instead of the standard 12 months.  The Executive Board decided that the good of the club exceeded the importance of serving a full 12-month term.  All executive council terms from this point forward will be a full 12 months.
  2. To transition from the 2017-2018 officers to the 2018-2019 officers, the past executive team made a guiding document for each of their successors. Each new officer had a meeting with the previous officer and had a one on one training.  This was the most effective as each new officer was informed of their duties and the best way to accomplish them.
  3. Our constitution was very outdated and our club had changed over time to not follow our constitution as closely. During the updating process we modified the constitution to best fit with our club and how it is currently operating.  We also modified the constitution to move the club towards following parliamentary procedure.