Summary of Progress


Goals Set

  1. To create a contract-type document to be signed by those attending the fall industry trip. It should reflect the member’s involvement within the Student Branch, specifically in regards to fundraising hours. If the members meet the specified requirements, they will be able to travel for a reduced fee.
  2. To expand our fundraising efforts so as to allow more room within the budget to send student members to the international meeting.

Progress Made on Set Goals

  1. The fall trip document worked very well. The executive committee would recommend revising and continuing to use it for future years, in addition to utilizing a similar set-up for the spring trip as well as AIM.
  2. Via increased fundraising and additional budgeting, the student branch was able to comfortably send eleven students with minimal impact on the account balance.

Financial Statement

It is the responsibility of the treasurer to keep track of all financial records involving the ISU ASABE student branch.

2016-2017 ASABE Financials

Event Income Expenses Balances
Beginning Balance $1587.21
AIM 2016 Faculty Donations $4500.00
Grilling Events $325.00 $319.94
Iowa Section Grillout $400.00 $158.93
Dues $4960.00 $3100.00
Fall Trip $450.00 $2320.14
Meeting Refreshments $2869.15
Fall Allocations $1764.09
Fall Apparel $3452.80 $3157.38
Intramurals $390.00
Robotics Club $1250.00 $479.72
Fountain Wars $263.37
Spring Allocations $2001.80
AIM 2017 $1350.00 $6752.71
Misc/Supplies $572.52
MWRR Hosting $9324.76 $9324.74
Fall Leaf Rake $3875.00 $349.21
Notebook/Eng Paper $3175.00 $2275.00
Concessions $1849.23
Ending Balance $7932.06