Our Organization


Membership Requirements

The Iowa State University Student Branch of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers is primarily focused towards students enrolled in the Agricultural and Biological Systems Engineering Department; this includes majors such as agricultural engineering, biological systems engineering, agricultural systems technology and industrial technology. While the main emphasis of the club is focused towards these curriculums of study, membership is open to any student enrolled at Iowa State University. Student Branch membership qualifications include attendance at a minimum of one meeting per semester and payment of local club and national dues. Iowa State University Student Branch policy states that all local members must also be national members.

Current Student Membership

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Jacob Bicket Logan Adair Logan Adkins Dallas Boehne
Jacob Brewster Bailey Adams Forrest Beeler Sylvia Farley
Adam Buseman Ryan Alsterlund Dylan Childs Andrew Garrelts
Collin De Graaf David Barker Samuel Clark Bailey Griffin
Jonathon Edwards Rachel Berrey Garrett Fjeld Natalie Hanson
Christopher Faber Madyson Bixby Kaesey Glaess Heather Hoefling
Tucker Gabriel Rhett Borth Erik Gommel Erin Jackson
Mike Gerhardt Zachary Brashears Brendan Hageman Elijah Kautz
Tyler Hamerlinck Lucacs Brouillette Ben Hanson Lucas Miles
Reid Hoefler Karli Buckmeier James Hartley Nathan Mowery
Andrew Irlbeck Logan Darnall Grant Heineman Erica Neideigh
Samantha Johnson Taylor Davis Brett Huston Ethan Parker
Foster Laake Mark Deutsch Alex Irlbeck Andrew Primmer
Colby Lafrenz Elizabeth Ecker Sydney Klimesh Drake Stadtlander
Megan Lukas Ethan Ellinghuysen Jia Wen Lee Elizabeth Tabor
Jacob Mason Connor Engelkes Peiyang Li Andrew Whitaker
Adam McDermott Blake Fonken Luis Logrono Kyle Youngblood
Jared Meiseiger Connor Gordon Ashley Loving
Garrett Nichols Tate Harrison Aaron Miller
Parker Pitzen Ben Hinners Carson Namanny
Travis Poffenbarger Mark Jacobs Marianna Overgaard
Isaac Rempe Gabriel Johnson James Pesce
Sophie Rotole Tyler Ketelesen Sam Phillips
Michael Schulte Ashley Kruse Carly Polson
Nate Sieren Alex Kuechle Jacob Tank
Keaton Stoll Caleb Larison Maddie Tusha
Trace Tuthill Caleb Lichty Connor West
Brady Vaassen Logan Mays
Caleb Wandschneider James McCormick
Sara Weyer Kyle Mentzer
Jonathon Zander Mason Moeller
Brendan Niroula
Spencer Pech
Dylan Riedemann
Cameron Roehlk
Katelyn Sanocki
Katie Schultz
Meredith Shankwitz
Aaron Shane
Wyatt Sickelka
Maria Slusarek
Luke Sweeney
Travis Troendle
Greg Wesley
Jay Wessels
Ryan Wichhart
Jen Widmer
Total Freshman Total Sophomore Total Junior Total Senior
31 47 27 17

*all members have paid national dues

Branch Officers

The ASABE Iowa State Student Branch offices are:

President                            E-Council Representative                             Webmaster

Vice President                   Ag-Council Representative                           Grillmaster

Secretary                            Sergeant-at-Arms                                           Publicity

Treasurer                            Historian                                                           Recruitment

Terms of Officers

All ASABE Student Branch officers are elected at a regular business meeting called at the end of the spring semester, normally the last regular meeting in April. They serve for a one-year term in their respective office. The exceptions to this are the Ag Council Representative and Recruitment Representative who are elected at the end of December and serve for a calendar year. If unusual circumstances arise, special elections are held.

Office Descriptions

President: The president is the coordinator of all branch activities.  It is the president’s responsibility to schedule and lead the regular meetings.  The president may establish committees to distribute the workload among the members willing to be involved.  It is the president’s duty to see that the various branch activities have ample personnel to get the job done.  A good president will keep group enthusiasm high and involve many more people.  The president should be someone who has held a Student Branch office previously so that they are familiar with the workings of the branch.


Vice-President: The primary duty of the Vice-President is to keep abreast of all presidential actions regarding Branch activities.  If for any reason the president’s duties cannot be fulfilled, the Vice-President must step in.  The Vice-President acts as committee coordinator along with the president to assure smooth committee operation.  Another important duty of the Vice-President is that of program director.  As program director, the Vice-President plans presentations for regular meetings.  Previous speakers have included on-campus and off-campus faculty as well as professionals from industry.


Secretary: The secretary is in charge of organizing the club’s records and keeping them up to date. Recording the minutes of the regular meetings and keeping track of the meeting’s attendance are the main duties of this position. The secretary also emails the minutes of the meeting to the club and updates the calendar.


Treasurer: The treasurer is in charge of all Branch financial activities.  All funds, allocations, or collections must be approved and recorded by the treasurer.  The treasurer also records membership information, including membership status for both the ASABE Student Branch and for National ASABE organizations.


E-Council Representative: The primary duty of this office is to represent the Student Branch in the Engineering Council.  The representative does this by attending regular E-Council meetings and reporting the council’s activities to Branch Members.  The E-Council promotes the College of Engineering through various activities involving engineering students and provides funding for these special activities.


Ag-Council Representative: The primary duty of the Agriculture Council Representative is to represent the Student Branch in the Agriculture Council.  The representative does this by attending the regular meetings of the Ag-Council and reporting the council’s activities to Branch Members.  The Ag Council promotes the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences through various activities involving agriculture students.


Sergeant-at-Arms: The Sergeant-at-Arms has an important duty within the Student Branch – to maintain order at meetings.  They also provide refreshments for the social prior to the meeting and clean up after those refreshments.


Historian: The Historian will collect, and hold in good faith, member resumes for compiling a club resume book of Branch members in good standing. The resume book will be distributed to company representatives when the club attends tours and speakers. The Historian is also the chair on the AEM committee and is responsible for writing the Branch AEM Report each year.


Webmaster: The Webmaster will maintain and update the website for the Branch with pictures submitted by club members. The website will be a place to list the club officers and upcoming meetings and events.


Grillmaster: The Grillmaster coordinates the operation of a large propane grill owned by the Student Branch. The Grillmaster’s responsibilities are to maintain and operate the grill during cookouts and clean up afterwards. Grillmaster will organize all food not assigned by a third part caterer or other Branch committee for all the Branch’s activities. The Grillmaster keeps the grill in good working condition at all times to make it representative of a professional society. The Grillmaster also oversees the grilling team that volunteers to help with events. These events are approved by the members of the Student Branch.

Publicity: The primary duty of the Publicity Chair is to coordinate events in which public image of the club is the main focus. If a promotional event is held on campus or in the community, the Publicity Chair is responsible for setting up a poster display that outlines the purpose and activities involved in the club and visiting with the public to promote the student branch. They also have the responsibility of keeping the hallway displays and social media current.

Recruitment: The Recruitment Representative was created for events like Iowa State University’s Club Fest. The focus is to recruit new members as incoming freshman and transfer students as well as students already at Iowa State looking to join a club. They also hold the responsibility of assisting their transition and ensuring their involvement.

Branch Officers

President: Lucas Miles, May 2016-May 2017

Vice-President: Elijah Kautz, May 2016-May 2017

Secretary: Meredith Shankwitz, May 2016-May 2017

Treasurer: Spencer Pech, May 2016-May 2017

E-Council Representative: Logan Adkiins, May 2016-May 2017

Ag-Council Representative: Ashley Kruse, January 2016-January 2017; Adam McDermott, January 2017-January 2018

Sergeant-at-Arms: Kate Sanocki, May 2016-October 2016; Sydney Klimesh, October 2016-May 2017

Historian: Kaesey Glaess, May 2016-May 2017

Webmaster: Jia Wen Lee, May 2016-May 2017

Grillmaster: James McCormick, May 2016-May 2017

Publicity: James Pesce, May 2016-May 2017

Recruitment: Luke Sweeney, January 2016-January 2017; Keaton Stoll, January 2017-January 2018


Standing Committees

Executive Committee: The ISU ASABE Branch Executive Committee consists of the officers, committee heads and advisors. The committee meets before each regular branch meeting to prepare and approve the agenda. The committee also handles special needs that arise between each regular branch meeting that are not deemed worthy of a full branch vote. The officers are listed above and the committee chairs are listed below as chairpersons of their respective committees.

AEM Report Committee: The AEM Report Committee is assigned the task of annually preparing the AEM report for the national contest. Fellow officers and volunteers assist in collecting records of club activities from the members of the club. These records include numerous photographs, written reports of branch programs, and activities of individual club members. The Committee’s records are then compiled in the AEM report for submittal each year.

Chair: Kaesey Glaess

Member: Sara Weyer

Fundraising Committee: The Fundraising Committee is given the task of continually searching for ways to help raise funds for the club.  The committee’s annual events include the leaf-raking project, a football concessions stand and basketball concession stands. The committee also works on developing new fundraisers each year.

Tri-Chairs: Brendan Hageman, Ashley Loving, Maddie Tusha

Community Service Committee: The Community Service Committee has the duty is to find ways for the Student Branch to participate in activities that benefit the community.  The club has continued to be active in the community through an on-going Adopt-A-Highway program and programs with a local Middle and High School Science Bowl.  Additional service activities are continually investigated, which this year included the addition of an outreach AgBot program.

Chair: Rachel Berrey

Members: Karli Buckmeier, Sylvia Farley, Rachel Herzberg

Special Committees

Social Committee: The Social Committee is responsible for organizing social events both within the Branch and with other organizations for relationship building and networking events.  Social activities organized by the committee include scheduling intramurals, dinner nights at on-campus dining centers, ASABE vs. AST tournaments, and Night Out for the Majors.

Co-Chairs: Dallas Boehne and Bailey Griffin

Events Committee: The Events Committee handles all club events that do not fall to the other committees. Responsibilities for this committee include organizing club tour trips to locations in the Midwest and ASABE Midwest Regional Rally while also coordinating travel to the ASABE Annual International Meeting.

Chair: Drake Stadtlander

Members: Alex Irlbeck, Mark Jacobs

BSE Club: The BSE Club Committee is responsible for bringing updates to the club on the project being worked on by students in the Biosystems-Engineering Club.

Chair: James Pesce