Our Meetings

Meeting Activities


Meetings of the Iowa State University Student Branch of ASABE are held on alternating Tuesdays at 7:00 PM. During the fall semester the meetings were held in 1213 Hoover, and the meetings were located in 0022 Sukup during the spring semester. During the 2016-2017 school year twelve business meetings were held. The meetings are announced via e-mail to the list of club members, in addition to being posted around the Bio-Renewables Complex.

Meetings are semi-informal to encourage active participation from members. There is no dress code for members or speakers, however a professional atmosphere is promoted by officers of the branch. Appropriate parliamentary procedures are required for the business portion. No academic credit is given for attending meetings of the ASABE Student Branch.


Attendance at the general meetings of Iowa State University’s Student Chapter of ASABE is tracked via a sign in sheet. It is then the Secretary’s responsibility to transcribe this.

Meeting Members Visitors Faculty
August 30 87 1 3
September 13 83 2 2
September 27 87 1 2
October 25 59 2 1
November 8 72 1 1
November 29 51 1 1
January 31 38 1 1
February 14 33 0 0
March 21 53 2 1
April 4 38 1 1
April 18 36 0 1

The Iowa State Student Branch averaged having 58 members in attendance at it’s general meetings. This is 48% of the total membership.

Quality of Meetings


The usual order of meetings is:

  1. Students, staff and guests arrive pre-meeting for a social hour and dinner
  2. President’s Call to Order
  3. Guest speaker presents
  4. Officer Reports
  5. Committee Reports
  6. Old Business
  7. New Business
  8. Advisor Comments
  9. Adjournment


The full minutes of the meetings may be found here.

Program Content

Meeting  Program
August 30 Dr. Mickelson extended a welcome for the school year. Jordan Desmara presented for Altec.
September 13 Hagie representatives Daniel and Chad presented.
September 27 Stephen Carr representated ADM with a presentation.
October 11 Sukup Classic (mini golf tournament) was hosted in lieu of a business meeting.
November 8 Cole Chestnut represented Vermeer with a presentation.
November 29 Kim Martinez presented on Barilla America, Inc.
January 31 Andrew Towey from REG was the guest speaker.
February 14 The Fountain Wars, Robotics and Power Pullers teams along with BSE Club gave presentations.
March 21 Paige Wilson and Ryan Fahn spoke on behalf of Dupont Pioneer.
April 4 Craig Blass presented on behalf of Curry-Wille & Associates.
April 18 Elections were held in place of a special program.