The members of our Recovery Team work to ensure that our rockets return safely from flight in order to maintain the safety of our team members, spectators, and rockets.

The members of this team specialize in parachute deployment hardware, return velocity predictions, and safe recovery of our rockets and internal systems. Our Recovery Team is currently working on parachute design, sizing, and deployment method to keep our landing velocity within a predetermined factor of safety.

Recovery Update 1/27/2021

This year the team plans to go with a reef parachute system replacing the drogue and main parachute system of previous years. The reefing device will be a tubular solenoid that will be retracted when activated by other electronics such as an altimeter and light sensor. The device will be located in a pouch on the parachute skirt.

The team will go with the cruciform parachute design this build cycle which a smaller scale version was recently tested in a wind tunnel.