The members of our Payload Teamwork to craft relevant, industry-related experiments to be housed within our rockets.  We aim to use our rockets as vessels for experimental payloads. Our goal is to model these payloads in such a way that they can be representative scale models that can be implemented in space-grade rockets.

Our payloads will be housed in standard cube satellite containers for the sake of re-usability and ease of positioning and securing of our payloads.

Payload Update 01/20/2021

The payload for this build cycle as in previous years will be in a CubeSat form. It consists of an onboard experiment as well as a system to guide the payload by steering its parafoil. This is done by having the parafoil cord wrapped around a control wheel powered by a servo.

The onboard experiments mission to harvest energy from the payloads turbulent flight. The piezoelectric effect generates an electric charge from mechanical stress.