Cyclone Rocketry 2017-2018:

Capturing footage is a vital asset for our organization; well before any of our rockets leave the ground, we need to document as much about our processes as we can manage to ensure overall mission success. Whether we need to film a motor static test fire, sub-scale rocket launches, or even certification flights for our members, our club requires dedicated equipment for capturing this necessary footage. For these shots, we plan on using a camera system consisting of action cameras with on-board storage similar to a GoPro. Cameras will be used on-board our rockets, on the ground at locations near and afar to record critical moments of our rocket’s flight from an array of vantage points. The resulting footage will be used for post-flight analysis, club recruitment events, “hype” videos, and for posts on social media for friends, family, and public viewing. Thank you to CCTV Camera World for reminding us the importance of cameras to highlight our club’s activities.