ISU SWE Outreach plans activities for children in grades pre-K through 12 to encourage interest in science and engineering. Check out the calendar for outreach events that are coming up. Contact us at isusweoutreach@gmail.com! We are always open to questions and input, especially…

  • If you are an ISU student interested in becoming involved, either as part of a committee to help plan events or as a volunteer to help make our events successful.
  • If you are interested in having us help out with an activity or visit your school or daycare. We are always looking for new ways to get involved and help with other on campus organizations and the community!

Current and previous outreach activities include:

GLEE Day Girls Learning and Experiencing Engineering Day is catered to getting 3rd-8th grade girls in the area excited and interested in engineering. The day is filled with interactive activities, presenters, and lunch!
Off-Campus Events These off campus events are a great opportunity to inspire the community to get involved in STEM through fun activities and crafts!
Girl Scout Day Girl Scout Day exposes and immerses girls in engineering at a young age. Brownie through Senior Girl Scouts from across Iowa are invited to come to the Iowa State University campus and earn a science and engineering badge! Various types of engineering are introduced to the scouts in fun, interactive ways to get them interested in engineering. We want to show them that engineering is not a male-only field. Women can excel in it too!
Fall Festival SWE facilitates interaction between Iowa State University’s engineering clubs and local elementary school students (K-5). Elementary school students are invited to campus for an afternoon with their parents to experience 10-15 minute science-related, kid-friendly activities or demonstrations prepared by engineering clubs. Children wander from activity to activity in an open-house fashion, getting a stamp or check-off sheet with each completed station and are awarded with prizes at the end based on the number of stations they attended. The event normally lasts approximately 3 hours and is held in the afternoon. Because Fall Festival occurs around Halloween, children are encouraged to wear costumes to the event.
SWE University (SWE-U) Formerly known as High School Senior Sleepover, SWE has partnered up with Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) to create SWE University. SWE-U invites high school seniors and juniors to spend the week on ISU’s campus and spend time with current ISU SWE members, learning about different groups and departments in the College of Engineering. Occurs every year in July.
School Visits Members visit daycare and elementary through high schools and provide hands-on science and engineering activities such as bridge building, making “slime”, learning about aerodynamics with paper airplanes and ping-pong balls, and many more.
STEM Talks Members visit middle or high school math and science classrooms to talk about what engineering is, why it is so exciting and interesting, and what students need to do to prepare for any major in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) field.