National Membership

An annual registrations is required in order to be considered a member of the Society of Women Engineers at the society level, however it comes with resources and opportunities like these:

  • receive free access to web seminars
  • post your resume in SWE’s database
  • attend regional and annual SWE conferences
  • receive discounts on ISU SWE apparel

In addition, the ISU SWE section allots paid members points and other rewards that will be revealed throughout the semester. Click here for more benefits of official national membership.

There are a couple of payment options when registering as a member of SWE. First, annual collegiate dues are $20 each year and are paid each year during registration. The second option is a Collegiate to Career (C2C) SWE membership which has a one time fee of $50 the at the first registration. Each subsequent registration, including the first year after graduation are free. Click here for a FAQ on C2C Membership.

Renew Your National SWE Dues
Click here to renew or start your National SWE membership! Just login and complete the online renewal form. A letter sent from the national organization contains your password (in case you forgot). If you don’t have your letter and don’t remember your password, select “Forgot your login or password? Click here” and enter your e-mail address. Your password should arrive shortly. If your e-mail address is not recognized, you will have to apply for a new membership.