Executive Board Members


Hanna Stec

Email: isuswepresident@gmail.com


  • Connect with National SWE to keep our section involved and in good standing
  • Network with College and Campus leadership and other organizations
  • Plan the Annual National and Regional Conference Trips
  • Attend P-Card and President’s training
  • Lead Executive Board and General Meetings


Vice President

Abigail Fischel



Email: isuswepresident@gmail.com


  • Attend advisor meetings every other week
  • Connect with ESC, WiSE, PWSE, GSB, and other organizations
  • Acquire know-how to plan Regional/Annual Conference trips
  • Attend P-card training


VP of Marketing – Secretary: Lily David

VP of Marketing – eSWE: Nisha Raj

Email: isuswepublicity@gmail.com


  • Oversees the meetings and activities of the Publicity team
  • Take meeting minutes during cabinet meetings
  • Work to get events on the calendar and published effectively
  • Aids in the creation of graphics or advertisements for fliers and various purposes
  • Create weekly newsletter sent out to all members
  • Coordinate reminders for General Meetings

Corporate Relations

VPs of Corporate Relations: Kyra Turner & Jessica Meville


Email: swefund@gmail.com


  • Design/distribute corporate sponsorship guides to employers
  • Correspond with possible sponsorship opportunities
  • Introduce company representatives at meetings


VP of Fundraising: Sarah Wright

Email: isuswefundraising@gmail.com


  • Lead fundraising meetings and facilitate event planning
  • Hold a purchasing card (Attend P-Card training, purchase various items for the other cabinet members)
  • Coordinate with members of fundraising to make sure supplies are purchased and documentation is up to date


VP of Membership: Morgan Meany

Email: isuswemembership@gmail.com


  • Lead membership meetings and facilitate leadership in cabinet members
  • Keep updated points list of all members and share in eSWE
  • Work to recruit new members each semester by planning Fall and Spring Kick off picnics along with aid of President


VPs of Outreach: Katherine Jacobson & Lauren Rogers

Email: isusweoutreach@gmail.com


  • Assisting chairs in planning and creating effective new events
  • Organizing volunteers and advisors for events on campus
  • Working with Risk Management to approve activities and attend event authorization meetings

Special Events

VP of Special Events: Nadia Opalenik

Email: isusweevents@gmail.com


  • Lead Special Events meetings
  • Be a resource for chairs and committees
  • Create new special events and social activities



On-Campus VP of SWENext: Kaitlin Nathe

Off-Campus VP of SWENext: Genevieve McShane

Email: isuswenext@gmail.com


  • Assist in the collaboration with CoE, WiSE, and CPM to aid in planning SWENext: Engineers of Tomorrow 
  • Play integral role in designing, developing, and contributing to key decisions of all events and SWENext relations
  • Serve as central liaison between SWE and planning committee


Madison Karamagianis

Email: isuswetreasurer@gmail.com


  • Write out vouchers and reimbursements
  • Deposit checks and cash
  • Apply for ESC allocations each semester