Outreach Events – Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Members partake in various outreach events each year. Below are some of the events we have organized in the past. If there is an event that you are interested in, we would love to schedule it for a time that is convenient for your company’s representatives to attend.

GLEE Day (K-4th)

GLEE Day stands for Girls Learning and Experiencing Engineering Day. A day filled with fun STEM activities catered for kindergarten through 4th grade girls to help them become excited about engineering and science. Engineering clubs on campus are also invited tin to demonstrate the amazing projects they work on and the girls love getting this hands-on experience. Parents are encouraged to stay and watch these activities. The participants and their parents get a copy of the activities so they can do them again at home or with friends. (Cost of single sponsorship is $500)

GDE day (5th-8th)

GDE Day stands for Girls Discovering Engineering. GDE Day is a day packed with interesting STEM activities catered towards 5th through 8th grade girls. Participants have the opportunity to develop critical thinking and teamwork skills in a fun and comfortable environment surrounded by girls of similar interests. A technical engineering club presents to the girls about what they do and does an interactive activity that relates to their club. (Cost of single sponsorship is $250)

Outreach (Covid Update!)


With Covid-19 our outreach events look very different, but our goal is to connect with young girls virtually as much as possible. We are doing that through our outreach Youtube channel. Every two weeks we post about three videos that outline a different activity highlighting a certain engineering or STEM field. These videos are meant for kids to follow along and attempt to do it themselves. Although we cannot have in person events as we usually do, our hope is that these videos can have the same impact that our in person events would. We also get our SWE members involved with these videos by having volunteers participate in them.

STEM Activities:

We plan on continuing our Youtube channel next semester and expand the amount of people that it reaches. In addition, we plan on hosting a virtual event with the Science Explorations club. This event will allow us to work with the girls live over Webex as we walk them through several STEM related activities that they can follow along with at home. This is to get them hands-on experience and exposure to engineering and hopefully inspire them to pursue an engineering career in their future.


SWENext is a program for high school students to get involved in SWE. We currently work with three different SWENext sections: one at Ames High School, one at Gilbert High School, and one combined section of the Quad Cities area and New South Wales, Australia. Due to Covid-19, this year we are adapting to meet with our high schoolers virtually. During our meetings we have done activities such as SWE member panels, presentations about the types of engineering, discussing our internship and research experience, and fun activities like game nights. We are continuing to plan for future meetings and come up with new virtual activities we can do. We have ideas such as bringing in guest speakers and coming up with hands-on activities we can send to students and work on remotely. The goal of our SWENext outreach is to educate high school students on the wide variety of opportunities they have in the STEM field, specifically engineering, build leadership and teamwork skills, and prepare them for college and a career in science and technology. As the newest part of our Iowa State SWE section, SWENext is broadening our outreach both locally and globally.