Miscellaneous Opportunities

Kickoff Picnic and Mini Career Fair Price: $750
Location: On Campus
Attendees: 300 to 500 current and prospective SWE membersThis highly-publicized event is our first event of the school year. SWE uses the Kickoff Picnic to attract prospective new members; the sponsoring company has many opportunities to network and interact with students.
SWE National Conference Price: Full sponsorship of one conference attendee for $900 or half sponsorship for $450; can sponsor multiple attendees
Attendees: ISU SWE National Conference attendeesYour company can help an Iowa State SWE member attend the National SWE Conference, enabling them to promote diversity of women in engineering, represent our chapter on a national level, and be exposed to a variety of professional development opportunities. Sponsorship includes the option of meeting all of our chapter’s national conference attendees through breakfast or lunch.
SWE T-Shirts Price: Company name on shirt for $100 or company logo on shirt for $200
Who it reaches: 40 to 50 members and advertisement on campus!At the end of the semester, we reward members who have high SWE participation by giving them a SWE t-shirt! This is great on-campus advertising for your company.