Clean Snowmobile


About Clean Snowmobile Challenge

Each year the clean snowmobile team designs a snowmobile that is acceptable for use in environmentally sensitive areas such as our national Parks or other pristine areas. Clean Snowmobile Challenge (CSC) is primarily an “engine” competition however the underlying theme has remained consistent to engineer a clean and quiet trail sled. The team participates in a March competition in Michagan’s Upper Peninsula. CSC is the newest member of SAE International at Iowa State.

Competition Details

One 6-day competition with up to 25 teams is conducted in Houghton, MI.

There are three classes of snowmobiles: Internal Combusion (IC), Zero Emissions(ZE), and Diesel Utility(DU). Iowa State participates in the IC class which is scored on 12 different categories.

The first day, Monday, is filled with technical inspections and introductions. Tuesday is the grand opening event with an electric sled range test. Wednesday is filled with design presentations, emissions tests, and draw bar pulls. Thursday is the handling event and Friday continues emissions tests. Saturday, the public viewing day, is the finale with the Polaris Acceleration event, objective handling event, and Awards.

More information about the event can be found on the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge website.