Baja Competition Results


Oshkosh (Car #112) Ohio (Car #60)
Overall 14th 14th
Endurance 12th 14th
Suspension 17th 4th
Sled Pull 23rd 9th
Maneuverability 11th 26th
Acceleration 17th 18th
Design 23rd 14th
Cost Event 42nd 32nd
Sales Presentation 39th 32nd


Tennessee Tech (Car #112) Rochester (Car #68)
Overall 14th 17th
Endurance 19th 7th
Suspension 7th 49th
Sled Pull 37th 9th
Maneuverability 8th DNF
Acceleration 19th 43rd
Design 37th 34th
Cost Event 66th 63rd
Sales Presentation 21st 32nd


In 2021 the competition was split into a validation and a knowledge portion.

Louisville Validation (#60)
Validation Overall 12th
Endurance 1st
Acceleration 7th
Maneuverability 9th
Suspension and Traction 5th
Hill Climb 12th
156 Teams Competing Virtual Knowledge Event (#91)
Knowledge Overall 85th
Design 73rd
Cost Event 65th
Sales Presentation 86th


In 2020 the team was unable to compete due to the pandemic.


Tennessee (#71) California (#68) New York(#26)
Overall 23rd 22nd 61st
Endurance 17th 26th 65th
Acceleration 25th 35th 49th
Maneuverability 17th 27th 53rd
Suspension and Traction 9th 14th 36th
Hill Climb 66th (Pull) 35th 48th
Design 38th 43rd 50th
Cost Report 43rd 62nd 56th
Sales Presentation 40th 43rd 83rd


In 2018 the team was unable to compete for various reasons including trailer breakdowns on the way to competition and registration issues.


Illinois (#6) Kansas (#6) California (#9)
Overall 48th 59th 31st
Endurance 83rd 95th 59th
Acceleration 9th 18th 18th
Maneuverability 13th 23rd 40th
Suspension and Traction 15th (Crawl) 16th 27th
Hill Climb 7th 37th (Pull) 16th
Design 19th 36th 8th
Cost Report 38th 54th 24th
Sales Presentation 23rd 39th 21st



TTU (#78) California (#87) Rochester (#91)
Overall  6th 9th 6th
Endurance 1st 12th 12th
Dynamics Total 6th 5th 6th
  Acceleration 6th 7th 15th
  Maneuverability 24th 15th 16th
  Suspension & Traction 6th 5th 10th
  Hill Climb 30th(Pull) 31th 5th
Static Total 12th 13th 21st
  Design 15th 18th 34th
  Cost Report 10th 13th 17th
  Sales Presentation 2nd 26th 13th


11154762_660935837383277_7239560859909789332_o (1)

Auburn (#3) Portland (#89)
Overall 20th 19th 
Endurance 34th 21st
Dynamics Total 15th 37th
  Acceleration 17th 36th
  Maneuverability 8th 13th
  Suspension & Traction 25th 48th(crawl)
  Hill Climb 20th 66th
Static Total 20th 19th
  Design 30th 30th
  Cost Report 26th 25th
  Sales Presentation 14th 13th



UTEP (#10) Kansas (#45) Illinois (#27)
Overall  7th 3rd  20th
Endurance 1st 1st 14th
Dynamics Total 12th 3rd 10th
  Acceleration 8th 11th 11th
  Maneuverability 5th 18th 16th
  Suspension & Traction 31st 14th 32nd(crawl)
  Hill Climb 8th 9th (Pull) 18th
Static Total 24th 21st 51st
  Design 11th 13th 57th(late)
  Cost Report 40th 54th 50th
  Sales Presentation 29th 31st 51st



Washington (#19) Rochester (#28)
Overall  38th 10th
Endurance 50th 14th
Dynamics Total 16th 15th
  Acceleration 18th 27th
  Maneuverability 9th 17th
  Suspension & Traction 37th(crawl) 10th
  Hill Climb 10th 27th
Static Total 19th 13th
  Design 21st 14th
  Cost Report 24th 38th
  Sales Presentation 45th N/A

Raw scores are available here