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Mark Macchia Jack Kraus Zach Barnewolt  Ryan Greeley Chase White
Our office and shop are located in AMSL. Saturdays and evenings are the best time to find us there.
AMSL Address:
AMES, IA 50011

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Iowa State University
SAE International
2025 Black Engineering
Ames, IA 50011


Cyclone Aero Design:
Cyclone Off-Road Racing:
Cyclone Racing:
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Cyclone Aero Design: Facebook
Cyclone Off-Road Racing: Facebook – YouTube
Cyclone Racing: Facebook – YouTube
Clean Snowmobile Engineering: Facebook
Cyclone Supermileage: Facebook

Cabinet Members:

President: Jonathan Patton
Vice President: Victoria Hennessy
Treasurer: Josh Zeien
Outreach Committee: Aaron Carr, Josh Sundblad, Brian Volk
Safety Officer: Brandon Jaeger
Cyclone Aero Design Technical Director: Jerod Heying
Cyclone Aero Design Project Director: Mark Macchia
Cyclone Off-Road Racing Technical Director: Sam Vande Loo
Cyclone Off-Road Racing Project Director: Jack Kraus
Cyclone Racing Technical Director: Grant Fidler
Cyclone Racing Project Director: Zach Barnewolt
Cyclone Snowmobile Engineering Technical Director: Joe Regan
Cyclone Snowmobile Engineering Project Director: Ryan Greeley
Cyclone Supermileage Project Director: Chase White
Cyclone Supermileage Technical Director: Tanner Stumm