Meeting Minutes 2022-9-26


  • Moving antenna from Zambrano to Howe Hall
    • Collaborate with Cy-SAT
  • Smaller of the two antenna is on Howe (Dual Band)
  • 8-foot tower on the other tower near the south side of the parking lot
    • Our tower needs to be modeled similarly to this antenna
  • Antenna that we have is rack mountable
  • Frequency assigned from Cy-SAT is 436.375
    • Worse case scenario use notch filter to stay within frequency
  • What we have…
    • We have adequate power supply
    • Have ubiquity router
  • Habit has flights that we cannot interfere with
  • Cy-SAT isn’t doesn’t have launches until Spring
  • Steps…
    • Check to see if antenna setup is good
    • Day and time to install
      • Thursday afternoon September 29th from 3 PM – 6PM
    • What coax goes to what
  • Habit and Cy-SAT require help from CARC
    • Assign volunteers (potential compensation)
  • 0618 or 0620 Lab in Howe Hall to reorganize things (right of the TV) (Matt’s office is across from room)
  • Saturday(s) October 8th and October 15th are two upcoming exam dates in Boone, IA
  • October 15th there is a HAM Festival in Boone, IA
  • Canvas shell for people interested in taking licensing exam
  • You can download practice exam questions for free as well as purchase a personal copy for personal use/studying for exam
  • HAMradiotestonline is a good website to purchase and use resources to help with exam


Meeting Start: 6:00 PM

Meeting End: 7:00 PM