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Meeting Minutes 2022-10-3


  • Meeting in penthouse at Howe Hall
    • No coax cable there
    • No equipment to test if tower would work
    • Still waiting on documentation for tower
    • There’s adequate space to mount the rack (2 -units tall box)
    • Aaron was/is in contact with one of Cy-SAT’s people
    • Still need volunteers for Cy-SAT à by 10/25
      • Miniscule radio work
    • Dan and Jesse are meeting with Matt whenever details are finalized
    • School Club Roundup October 17th – 21st
      • Potentially go up to radio shack to make contacts Room 3107 in Coover Hall
    • CQ Worldwide DX Contest SSB
      • October 28th at 7:00 PM and ends October Sunday 6:00 PM
    • October 24th Fox Hunt
      • Have Members show up 20 minutes early for setting up and debriefing
    • Jesse will notify those interested in Canvas course for radio certification testing


Meeting Start: 6:00 PM

Meeting End: 7:00 PM