About Us

Welcome to the home page of the Campus Amateur Radio Club (CARC). We are an interdisciplinary group of amateur radio operators and enthusiasts. Some of us enjoy pushing the limits of radio technology, such as learning new digital modes and exploring the physics of radio communication, while others enjoy the simple pastime of communicating with other radio enthusiasts around the world. Our radio shack is unmatched by any other university in the state of Iowa, thanks to the generosity of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at ISU, as well as a generous donation of equipment from the family of Silent-Key William Rosberg (N0DYF). If you are interested in becoming an amateur radio operator without the high cost of purchasing your own modern radio equipment, please contact one of our officers and we will be happy to show you the shack and help you get started!

Meetings are open to everyone and are held every Tuesday at 5:30 pm, in Coover Hall, Room 3107. Dues are $20 per academic year and grant you access to our radio shack!

For meeting updates and information, please subscribe to the CARC mailing list.