Membership & Contact

SEC Membership

Why become a member?

It’s easy, and obligation-free. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our sponsors, we charge no annual fees. Members are simply added to a contact list and updated every time we have an event. Events typically entail a company presentation, in which members can get an idea of what exactly sales engineers do on the job. Sales Engineering Club is great for students who are unsure of what sales engineering is and want to know more, and perfect for those who are interested in the field and ready to network with industry professionals.

Interested in Joining?

If you’d like to join the Sales Engineering Club, contact Macie VanNurden ( to be placed on our mailing list. We’ll contact you every time we plan to have an event or a meeting. If you’re not sure you’re ready to join, but want to talk to somebody about the benefits of being involved in our club, email Macie to let us know and an exec will contact you shortly!

2020 Executive Board

President– Evan Nietzel

Vice President– Andrew Mitchell

Treasurer– Luke Miller

Secretary– Jake Lauher

Campus Outreach/Webmaster– Macie VanNurden

Professional Development– Jack Graham

Committee Member– Spencer Eaton, Mikal Hofstad