About SEC

The Sales Engineering Club was founded circa 2006 in lieu of the sales engineering minor that was in the process of being developed. A handful of students were very interested in the potential for a sales engineering curriculum, and founded the club as an outlet for this interest. Today the club is very active and has several companies coming to speak to the group each semester.

The Sales Engineering Club is the first collegiate sales club of its kind. ISU SEC is a club dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and skills pertaining to the technical and business aspects of engineering. We pride ourselves on three main goals:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Professional Development
  3. Technical Development

The goals define who we are and what we do as an organized club. Our aspirations continue to evolve to advance each member in furthering their own knowledge and experience prior to entering the professional sales industry. The SEC accomplishes these goals through:

  •  Trips to various sales offices and facilities
  •  Employment: Internships and Full-time positions
  •  Q&A sessions with experienced executives

Benefits of SEC:

  •  Networking with professionals
  •  Building professional relationships and skills
  •  Learning what characteristics and abilities employers are seeking
  •  Gaining real-world sales engineering experience
  •  Meeting people interested in the same line of work as you
  •  Career opportunities
  •  Possible internship and full-time placement from the networking opportunities
  • Company Networking

The ISU SEC has had the opportunity to partner with a number of industry leading companies. Professionals from a number of these companies have spoken to our club and have continued to be in contact with us. A few of the companies that have led to the success of our club include: Trane Lockheed Martin Insight Technologies Lincoln Electric Genesys Hercules Inc ABB Inc Fisher Controls Rockwell Automation Caterpillar

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