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ISU AGC Student Chapter

The Associated General Contractors is a trade organization dedicated to promoting constant education, networking of its members, and innovations in the field of construction.  As the leading association for the construction industry, the Associated General Contractors represents over 26,000 member firms all through a network of nationwide chapters.

About Us

This year we celebrated our 50th anniversary as a student chapter here at Iowa State.  The Iowa State AGC Student Chapter has nearly 100 active members each semester.    These members are always searching for an opportunity to grow as students and as individuals. We have a motto that we live by, which says “help those who can’t help themselves.”  As a student chapter, we strive to promote the construction industry in three areas which include education, service, and networking.

AGC Student Chapter’s 50th Anniversary


Anyone in the construction field understands that this is an occupation which requires constant learning.  New innovations present themselves within the industry every year.  In order to keep our members up to date with whats happening in the construction industry, we have professionals speak at every monthly meeting to present on a specific project.  Within these presentations, the speaker includes challenges that presented themselves throughout their project, and how they overcame those obstacles.


Our student chapter is committed to serving the community locally and abroad.  Each and every year we perform community service in the local area including painting, design and construction of decks, roofing, concrete pours, and more.  We also take great pride in our break trips.  Our members give up their Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks to donate their time to others in need throughout the country.  We spend one week per semester traveling to locations that are in great need of help.  ISU AGC has traveled to various locations from the east to west cost over the past 10 years including Oklahoma, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, and our home state of Iowa.


Networking is a crucial part of our industry.  The ISU AGC Student Chapter holds “industry nights” where company representatives meet with students.  We also have an annual banquet where students can interact with professionals in the construction field, and those in the industry can see what our student chapter has done throughout the year.

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