National Electrical Contractors Association

Green Energy Challenge

What is it?

The Green Energy Challenge is a competition sponsored by NECA and ELECTRI International. In January, student chapters of NECA from across the country are invited to conduct an energy audit and retrofit proposal of a building on their campus, or in their community. Over the course of the spring semester, students will work to review the current energy status of the chosen building, find practical solutions, create a construction schedule and estimate, and propose a finance plan. Throughout this process, the team will also focus on getting the community involved and aware of the project’s sustainability goals.

Cyclone Energy

The Iowa State student chapter of NECA has termed themselves Cyclone Energy for the Green Energy Challenge. In 2012, a student created a logo for the team to use on our proposal, posters, and presentations. The logo is representative of the team’s dedication to the Cyclones, that they take the project seriously and do their most professional work, and that they are a cohesive unit. Cyclone Energy is a powerhouse of brilliant students who do exceptional work. When they are dedicated — watch out world! — they are out to conquer. It is with reason that their motto is “Go big or go home!”


CCEE and Cyclone Energy

The Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering has written several articles about NECA’s participation in the Green Energy Challenge!

2014: Iowa State wins ELECTRI International Green Energy Challenge

2013: Iowa State NECA places in top 3 at national green energy challenge

2013: Iowa State students write NECA’s top green energy plan, again

2012: Iowa State team places 3rd in finals of NECA Green Energy Challenge

2012: Iowa State student team named finalist in national ‘green’ energy challenge

Results of the Green Energy Challenge


2015: Building Energy Resilience

Teams were challenged to find a building that would benefit from increased resilience, as in the event of a power outage. Cyclone Energy chose the Administrative Services Building (ASB), because it houses one of the University’s two data centers.

Written Proposal Results

  1. Iowa State University
  2. Pennsylvania State University
  3. Illinois Institute of Technology

2014: Student Union

In 2014, NECA student chapters were invited to write a proposal to improve their university’s student union. Cyclone Energy tackled the challenge of the Memorial Union head on.

Written Proposal Results

  1. Colorado State University
  2. Iowa State University
  3. San Diego State University

Oral Presentation/Overall Results

  1. Iowa State University
  2. San Diego State University
  3. Colorado State University


2013: Parking Facility

The 2013 Green Energy Challenge competition called for student chapters to find a parking facility on campus or in the community. Cyclone Energy chose the Memorial Union Parking Ramp.

Written Proposal Results

  1. Iowa State University
  2. University of Washington
  3. Pennsylvania State University

Oral Presentation/Overall Results

  1. University of Washington
  2. Pennsylvania State University
  3. Iowa State University