President: David Puhl (djpuhl@iastate.edu)

Area of Study: Metals and Ceramics



Why do I love MA?: MA is a great opportunity to connect with fellow materials engineer students! It also provides great opportunities for professional development, like the annual Congressional Visit Day, where we were able to talk to Iowa’s representatives about the importance of federal science funding.

Vice President: Eric McDonald

Area of Study: Polymers and Ceramics

Why do I love MA?: I like how it brings the MatE community together. The meetings always have something fun to do, and doing outreach is a great way to show materials engineering to others.


Secretary: Rachel Eckert

Area of Study: undecided

Why do I love MA?: MA provides fun events and an expansive network of peers and professionals!


Treasurer: John Zaugg

Area of Study: Polymers and Electronics

Why do I love MA?: I think MA is pretty dang awesome because of how all the people involved are excited to be there and have fun hanging out while taking up opportunities to learn (and passionately debate any differences that come up, Si v C style). It’s just always a good time!


Outreach: Jeff Chumbley

Area of Study: Metals

Why do I love MA?: I absolutely love doing demonstrations and getting to mess with really interesting materials, such as memory wire and piezolelectronics.

Outreach: Emily Huntley

Area of Study: Undecided

Why do I love MA?: The thing I enjoy most about MA is all of the opportunities that are open to any Materials Engineer. I would seems to open up once you become a member of MA.


Fundraising: Danny Bonifas and Dmitriy Bayko

Events: Michael Trebisovsky

Area of Study: Metals and Polymers

Why do I love MA?: MA creates an environment where everyone can have fun and pursue a common interest in materials. I especially love all the crazy debates and conversions we have like how carbon is better than silicon and pizza is just a poorly made composite.



Programming: Emery Farmer

Webmaster: Katie Neilson

Area of Study: Electronic Materials and Condensed Matter Physics

Why do I love MA?: Attending with all of my friends, getting connected to professional organizations, and ESPECIALLY the ACerS mug beauty competition!


Historian: Luke Weston

Area of Study: Metals 3D printing

Why do I love MA?: I like being able to see what awesome research is going on in MatE and the events where we get to show off how great our major is.