In 2004, AirISU was founded by John Anastos and Nathan See as a non-profit student organization with the purpose to design, build, and fly a light sport aircraft. AirISU grew rapidly and the designs quickly started to come together. After a short time, the club decided to shift its primary efforts to building a kit plane to improve the club’s understanding of light sport aircraft and their systems.

In 2006, Zenith Aircraft Company of Mexico, Missouri, graciously donated the popular Zodiac XL light sport kit plane. Assembly of the Zodiac XL is well under way and the airframe is over 75% complete. We are schedule to complete the airframe in the Spring of 2013, with the schedule to fly in the fall.

With growing membership, AirISU is looking forward to becoming one of the premier engineering clubs at Iowa State University. Please keep checking our website to see our progress. Thank you to all the generous sponsors who have supported our club and our exciting projects.