About Supermileage

SAE Supermileage is an international collegiate competition that challenges student led teams from across the United States and Canada to engineer the most fuel efficient vehicle.  The goal for the club is to compete in the 2016 SAE Supermileage Competition in Marshall, Michigan and achieve a minimum of 200 miles per gallon.  The club provides an excellent opportunity for members to refine their engineering skills and apply classroom knowledge towards a significant and important hands-on project. Currently, we are working on two phases of the project.  The first is building a car for the 2016 SAE Supermileage Competition, and the second is to design a car for the 2017 SAE Supermileage Competition.

Car Design

The fundamental design goals of the car are to make it as aerodynamic and light weight as possible. As a result, this is driving our design to utilize high-tech materials such as carbon fiber to reduce weight and bike wheels to reduce friction between the car and the road. Additionally, we are using a three wheel design, which help further reduce the friction between the car and road. These are just a few of the larger design components that aid in our design goal amongst a numerous amount of smaller details that will help us achieve our 200 miles per gallon goal.