Mission 2017

This year, in preparation for our journey to the NASA RMC, we designed Mission Patches, similar to those that NASA produces for the crew of each mission/expedition. 

It is our sincere hope to continue this new tradition as part of Cyclone Space Mining for years to come. 

Meaning behind the patch.

Centered on a blue field, is the symbol of Cyclone Space Mining; the Black Cyclone with 3 orbs.  

The blue field represents Earth; which we stand on to look out at other celestial bodies.  

The 3 orbs represent the Sun (gold) , Moon (silver), and Mars (red).  From Earth we can see these 3 important celestial bodies.  The sun which gives us light and energy; the Moon as our friendly neighbor and original mining and colonization goal, and lastly, Mars, our new mining and colonization target. 

The orbs of gold and red also represent Iowa State University as our school colors; cardinal and gold.

The silver orb also serves as the center of a silver galaxy; as we look beyond our solar system and into the Milky Way for inhabitable planets to explore.

The shape of the patch is a downward facing arrow.  The point facing downward represents the direction in which our robots are digging; down to the regolith.

The gold rounded arch inside the arrow represents the horizon; as we are rising up to reach our boundaries, and surpass them. 

The flat base of the arrow is “NASA RMC”; the event which is the foundation of our organization; the reason we have come together to work.  It is also above the horizon, as it is our final destination of the academic year; the culmination of our work. 

The 29 white stars represent Iowa, the 29th state to enter the Union.  


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