Lunabotics: From the Perspective of a Non-Engineer

By Logan Crees 

Being a freshman and a first year member of the club, I really had no idea how I be able to contribute. I found out it was in way I have never would have thought. But first, I should probably explain why someone, not even closely related by major, would want to join. I’m an environmental science major. I have little experience actually working with electronics, let alone a robot. True, I was captain of my high school robotics team, but let’s just say I’m good at managing a team rather than figuring out the math. So, the hardest part in the club was making people aware of the fact that I am robot-incompetent, at best. Coming in and knowing this, I immediately set to work doing the more

IMG_6839mundane task, but ones that were still useful. When elections came around, I ran for the Social Media and Spirit chair. That was one of the best decisions I made all semester, even though I ended up losing to someone who was by far the best fit for the position (also a non-engineer.) She was nice enough to find a way to include me in the position. Just because I work mostly with the media side of things doesn’t mean that I don’t get to do anything with the robot. Now, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll see any parts on the finished robot that I designed; but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have any say in their design. Being part of a couple part design teams, I was able to help solve a couple problems that arose, which makes this simple scientist a little more proud than I really should feel.

Another thing that is really nice about the club, from my perspective, is that is so much different from what I generally do and the people I am usually around. I remember the first work day I went to. We were all in a lab on Solidworks, something I have never use before in my life. It actually took me 40 minutes to figure out how to run the program, let alone get through the first tutorial.

Enough about me and more about the club. The people are great, and the officers pour so much of their time into this club, it’s absolutely amazing. The passion, dedication and teamwork is what really makes this club astounding, nevermind the fact that they are one of the best teams in the nation. I wake up early every Saturday morning and come to work days, not to work as much as to watch the comradery between so many great minds. If you’ve wondered to this post because you’re curious about joining the club. Come to a weekly meeting, introduce yourself to the officers. They love talking about any aspect of the robot. It’s an amazing team to be part of even if you have no idea what you’re doing.