2017 Outreach Report

The Iowa State Cyclone Space Mining team works hard to provide a relationship between Robotics, Space, and Mining to the STEM fields. As a part of the NASA Outreach report, students made an illustration in the form of a circuit board to show the relationships.

As seen in the illustration, the words form a complete circuit to ensure that each and every part of STEM plays an important role in the Robotic Space Mining application. This illustration shows an important part of outreach and how engaging students in one subject can lead to new and bright innovations relating to space mining. The outreach group of Cyclone Space Mining creates a hands on activity for each event and brings along a robot to show students around the community what they are capable of doing in a few years. 

Our team continues to extend our outreach around Iowa to ensure every child will have the opportunity to do what makes them happiest and try new things. Stay tuned for more outreach events throughout the 2017-2018 season!


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