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Adam Mullis

Adam Mullis
  • NAME: Adam Mullis
  • YEAR ENROLLED: Fall 2014
  • RESEARCH GROUP: Balaji Narasimhan
  • LOCATION: 2151 Sweeney
  • RESEARCH FOCUS: Small molecule drug delivery using polymeric nanospheres. My project focuses on delivery of antihelminthic and antibiotic drugs to combat neglected tropical diseases.
  • INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Rock music (let me know if you play instruments!), cooking, video games, live music, NFL
  • E-mail: asmullis AT iastate DOT edu

Justin Adams

Justin Adams
Justin Adams
  • YEAR ENROLLED: Fall 2010
  • RESEARCH GROUP: Mallapragada
  • LOCATION: 2147 Sweeney
  • RESEARCH FOCUS: Researching a pentablock copolymer vaccine platform against the highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 virus.
  • E-mail: jadams09@iastate.edu

Xiaofei Hu

Xiaofei Hu
Xiaofei Hu
  •  YEAR ENROLLED: Fall 2009
  • RESEARCH GROUP:   Dr. Fox’s Group
  • LOCATION: 3162 Sweeney Hall
  • RESEARCH FOCUS: My research topic is uncertainty quantification tools for multiphase flow simulations. It studies the effect of uncertain parameters of models on multiphase simulation results.
  • OTHER INTERESTS: reading, swimming, watching tv shows, etc.
  • E-mail: xhu@iastate.edu



Tao Jin

Tao Jin

Tao Jin

  • YEAR ENROLLED: 2011 Fall
  • RESEARCH GROUP:   Laura Jarboe
  • LOCATION: 4122 BRL
  • RESEARCH FOCUS: metabolic engineering E. coli for increasing tolerance to pyrolytic sugar and ethanol production
  • E-mail:  tjin@iastate.edu