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Become A Sponsor

Thank you for your interest in the Iowa State University student section of The American Society of Mechanical Engineering.

By becoming a sponsor of the Iowa State University student section of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, you aid our organization’s efforts to positively impact the future of young engineers. The funds your company donates will help promote a long history of academic excellence, leadership, and service to Iowa State University and the community abroad. Currently, donations are going toward: design projects aimed at providing hands-on learning opportunities to members, funding members’ travel to professional development conferences, and other efforts to promote engineering in the Ames community and abroad.

In addition to accepting donations, ASME has corporate-sponsored events at all times of the school year. Corporate-sponsored meetings held around the time of the Iowa State College of Engineering Career fairs (which were/are Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 and Tuesday, February 10th, 2015) usually have the highest attendance levels.

If you, your company, or somebody you know are interested in becoming a sponsor of ISU’s chapter of ASME, please e-mail our Professional Events Coordinator, Jared Gross, at The traditional forms of sponsorship listed above are not the only possibilities; creative ideas and/or suggestions are always welcome, and we will work to make your idea a reality.

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