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Forbes – 10 Job Interview Questions You Should Ask

Hey everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed your time at the career fair and perhaps even got a couple interviews!

One of the most important things during an interview is be engaged, so we have providedĀ a few questions you can add to your repertoire.

How to sign up for ASHRAE

We strongly recommend everyone that is part of the student chapter to sign up for ASHRAE. It is a $20 fee but if you keep your receipt and come to the Iowa ASHRAE’s student night sometime in October, more information on student night will be posted, they will reimburse you the $20! Here are the steps for signing up for ASHRAE:

1. Click on the “Member Resources” tab above. Once you have clicked, you will be directed to the ASHRAE website.
2. In the top right corner of the site click on “Join ASHRAE”. You will be directed to an information page, click on “Join Online”.
3. Put in your email and continue. Once directed to a new page, fill out the information and click save.
4. You will be directed to a new page and towards the bottom click on “student”
5. Fill out the information and continue on. Next, for the sponsor ID type in: 7976499 and fill out the information.
6. Continue filling out information and click join!

You are now an official ASHRAE member. Be sure to remember to keep your receipt and bring it to student night!