Why should I join ASHRAE?

ASHRAE is a very tight-nit organization. The industry is so small around Iowa that everyone knows of each other. ASHRAE meetings allow members to learn while also meeting new people, making friends for life.

Is there a membership fee to join?

There is a membership fee of $20 per year to become an official member of ASHRAE. However, for the time being it is not necessary to become part of the Iowa State chapter though we strongly recommend it. The $20 fee may also be refurbished during the annual Iowa ASHRAE chapter’s student night which usually takes place in October at Olde Main in Ames, Iowa.

When and where are the meetings?

Our meetings usually take place once a month, sometimes more if the President feels the need. The meetings will usually take place in the Black Engineering building. Members will be notified the first of the month and also the week of the meeting to allow members to restructure their schedule. Meetings are not mandatory but are strongly recommended to attend as they are usually great learning experiences.

What do the meetings usually entail?

Since we are such a new organization, we haven’t had very many meetings. However, we plan to have guests come speak and current issues within the organization will be discussed. The Iowa chapter has mentioned they will provide food and drinks for meetings. Members are also encouraged to attend the Iowa chapter’s meetings that take place once a month.