Student Paper Competition

ISU AIAA is actively involved in the national AIAA student paper competitions. More information about these competitions can be found here

This year the competition is to design a  Thin Haul Transport and air Taxi, to provide high frequency flights between small airports. 
The Team will begin by investigating the current air taxi market to justify economic feasibility. The team is also working on possible aircraft configurations to input into aircraft performance model. The performance model will be written by the team to run and compare iterations of the design. Once the the design is 75-80% complete the aircraft will be modeled in CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) and analysed through CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). Design will result in a proposal being submitted to AIAA.
Members: Andrew Townsend Nathan Briggs, Andrew Scherping, Luke Eubank, Jennifer Esparza, Weslsy Sebetka, Dexter Hooyer, Kushal dev Suresh, Adam Rosignal, Jensin Theis.


Past Reports: 

The past two years, ISU AIAA participated in the space design competition. We received the third place award for the 2018 report, found below.

 2018: aiaa-space-report