The ISU GoFly Team is creating a personal flying device!

ISU GoFly is a relatively new engineering club tasked with designing a personal flying device that is safe, compact, and sustainable. The goal is to create a personal flying device by the Spring of 2020.

Current Demonstrator Aircraft:

A rendering of the S.S. (Small-Scale) Demonstrator

In the Fall, we refined our aircraft and designed a demonstrator (shown above) for testing purposes. It’s also cheaper & easier to start smaller before going full scale. This Spring, the demonstrator aircraft will be manufactured, and tested.

Size comparison of the Cardinal 37 version 2C (left) next to S.S. Demonstrator (right)


About the Team:

ISU GoFly is currently divided into 4 Sub-Teams which consists of over 20 members from multiple STEM majors here at Iowa State. We are recruiting passionate & dedicated students! You will have the opportunity to gain hands on experience with a new and exciting engineering team. If interested in joining, please send an email to Iason Boznos:

Project Director: Trung Deo

Project Manager: Iason Boznos

Systems Lead: Stefan Peng

Systems Team: Javier Torres, Devon Eberl, Caleb Gehris, Liam McAlister

Structures Lead: Aaron Mason

Structures Team: Gabriel Blandin, Benjamin Harvel, Brandon Zaragoza, Thomas Powell, Connor Trebac

Aerodynamics/Propulsion Lead: Kevin O’Donnell

Aero/Propulsion Team: Austin Beckhardt, Faisal Al-Masri, John Dorn, William Seykora

Manufacturing/Operations Lead: David Lanciotti

Manufacturing/Ops Team: Cole Jensen, Matt Schams


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